OMATAPALO organizes under-13 football tournament to commemorate World Children's Day in Huíla


Recreativo da Chibia emerged as the winner of the OMATAPALO June 1 Cup today, defeating Desportivo da Huila in a under-13 football tournament organized by Escolinha Futebol Clube da Agricultura, with the support and sponsorship of the business group, to celebrate World Children’s Day.

The tournament, which also had the support and organization of the Huíla Provincial Football Association and Desportivo da Huíla, took place at the OMATAPALO Life Base field, located in the Tchioco neighborhood, featuring under-13 football teams from Escolinhas Futebol Clube da Agricultura, Clube Desportivo da Huíla, Recreativo da Chibia, and Benfica do Lubango.

Team Desportivo da Huila secured the second place in the OMATAPALO June 1 Cup, while the third position was claimed by the Escolinhas Futebol Clube da Agricultura youngsters.

OMATAPALO, founded in Huíla 20 years ago, supported the tournament as part of its social responsibility and community engagement policy. The group’s support and sponsorship, as the main sponsor of Clube Desportivo da Huila and direct supporter of Escolinha Futebol Clube da Agricultura, extended to the logistics associated with the event, as well as providing food and entertainment for the young players and technical staff of the four teams involved.

“The support for sports and the promotion of healthy communities has always been part of OMATAPALO’s DNA, and with this initiative, in which many of our employees also participated, we wanted to provide a different day for the children of these teams,” said Edmar Manuel, spokesperson and advisor to the OMATAPALO Administration.




Escolinha FCA x Desportivo da Huíla

1 – 2
Benfica do Lubango x Recreativo da Chibia 1 – 3
Escolinha FCA x Benfica do Lubango

9 – 6

Desportivo da Huíla x Recreativo da Chibia

1 – 2

1 June 2023