OMATAPALO and Banco Alimentar Angola have created a program to combat hunger and promote domestic production as part of the initiatives marking OMATAPALO’s 20th anniversary, which is celebrated today, June 28th, and aims to reaffirm the Group’s commitment to the well-being of communities and the future of the country.

Today, OMATAPALO employees, who originated two decades ago in Huíla, join nearly 1,900 children from 10 foster homes in Luanda, Benguela, and Huíla for a special anniversary lunch. As part of this event, the Group contributes with the donation of almost two tons of food items.

The foster homes involved in this initiative are AACRA, Arnaldo Jansen, Lar Santa Isabel, Horizonte Azul, Mama Muxima, AAVO, Lar da Nazaré, and Jovens em Cristo in Luanda, Lar Santa Paula Frassinetti in Benguela, and Centro de Acolhimento Ninho in Lubango, Huíla.

The OMATAPALO and Banco Alimentar Angola program reflects the company’s commitment to sustainable development and combating hunger, including support for national agricultural production, especially in regions most affected by food insecurity.

The program, starting this year, involves supporting farmers in the southern region through the donation of seeds, fertilizers, tools, and specialized training. The goal is to promote self-sustainable agriculture, food self-sufficiency for the population, and the distribution of surplus to other communities within the country.

As part of this partnership, OMATAPALO and Banco Alimentar Angola will work together to identify and analyze areas affected by hunger and food insecurity, develop strategies and action plans to address these issues, and promote nutritional education and good food practices. The company will mobilize financial, human, and technological resources for the project.

“Supporting communities and aligning with the country’s development policies, focusing on sustainability, is part of OMATAPALO’s DNA, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary with a focus on finding solutions that contribute to the well-being of all Angolans, especially the most vulnerable and in need,” says Edmar Manuel, spokesperson and advisor to the OMATAPALO Administration.

“The program with Banco Alimentar, which is one of the planned initiatives to commemorate these 20 years of history, demonstrates our commitment to developing solutions that meet the needs of the population and the country,” he adds.

“Food insecurity remains a problem in some regions of the country, and we are all called upon to contribute to reducing its incidence. Banco Alimentar Angola applauds OMATAPALO’s initiative to join this cause, showing that it is a socially responsible company committed to community development,” says Henrique Nunes, from Banco Alimentar Angola.

28 June 2023